A-Sha Seaweed Snacks are a revolutionary new snack for anyone that likes good food without the guilt and added calories.  

Who says that a snack has to be unhealthy and full of preservatives and other artifical flavoringand unhealthy stuff?

A-Sha Seaweed Snacks are delicious and nutritious!  Made from all natural ingredients with no msg or preservatives.  A-Sha Seaweed Snacks are a snack you can feel good about eating.



The Original

A-Sha Seaweed Snacks are a brand new snack to hit the North American Market.  With the natural goodness of seaweed and the delicious taste of almonds and puffed rice, A-Sha Seaweed snacks are so much more than just plain seaweed.  Try our original flavor today, which has a sweet taste to blend with the savory roasted seaweed taste.

The Spicy

Looking for a way to spice up your snacking experience?  A-Sha Seaweed Snacks Spicy flavor are the snacks for you!  Made from the same goodness of A-Sha Seaweed Snacks, and combined with a spicy sichuan pepper kick laced within the seaweed snack.  Get some today!

Coming soon...

Look out for more flavors and varieties coming out very soon available online or in fine retailers all over North America.

“These seaweed snacks are so different from other seaweed type snacks.  A-Sha Seaweed Snacks replace chips and other fattening snacks I used to eat, these snacks are filling without all the guilt.” - Adam F. from CA.